Girls Drawin Girls Calendar

I recently created some artwork for the Girls Drawin Girls 2011 calendar! This was super fun because we were each paired up with another girl for a collaboration. I was paired up with the talented Megan Levens and we got December (which i was super happy about-winter is my favorite season to do artwork for!) Here is what we came up with:
Our theme was "indoor/outdoor" "cold/warm" and I think we did a good job conveying our theme!
So get your GDG 2011 calendar already! There is lots of really great art on there. Check it out!


Some updates

My cards over at snapfish are finally available for purchase! This has been a lot of fun for me, as I love greeting card design! I am adding more designs almost on a daily basis so please keep checking it out!
I have also created a few iphone and ipod touch wallpapers of some of my artwork available for download for personal use only. check that out here

Lastly, a quick note on "Things I love Thursdays" I can't come up with a post for that every week, so I have decided to do it on a monthly basis, but it will still be on Thursdays