New Art!

Just wanted to share some new art that I have recently finished that I am really proud of! I haven't updated my new art here in a while so here it is!
First up: this was a commission by a very nice and patient person I met on etsy.  Aurora and Malificent from Sleeping Beauty! I love the way both of these came out but I especially like the Malificent. I am very happy I was asked to draw these because I probably wouldn't have gotten to it on my own, now i'd like to draw more! I'm offering a special on these over on my etsy, you get 2 for $15 fine art prints instead of the usual price of $10  Click here or click on the art for more info!

Next up is a new Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy pin up! My Harley and Ivy art is some of my most popular art so I really wanted to do another one, this time of them taking a selfie, or looking at something on Harley's cell phone! (weird texts from the Joker perhaps?) This one is also available on my etsy. Click here or the image for more info!

Next up is Purgatori from chaos comics! this one was a little different for me, and a bit of a challenge but I am so glad I accepted because I like the way it came out. Didn't list this one on etsy, but if anybody is interested contact me!