sale time and New York Comic Con

Hope everyone is having a nice summer. For a limited time I am doing a special sale at my etsy store, you can get all three 8"x10"Gotham villains-Catwoman, Harley and Ivy, or all three "Double Trouble"--Ivy, Harley, and Ivy and Harley together for $25 plus shipping! Check it out at my Etsy store. I am also still taking on commissions, I have one I am working on and then I am open.
click the picture to go to the listing!
Also, its still early, but I am going to sharing a sweet booth on the main floor of New York Comic Con with my pals Paigey and Fenny of Little Asian Sweatshop! I am super excited and nervous! Most importantly, I am getting busy making merch! I have some tote bags in the works as well as a tshirt design and some limited edition silk screened prints in addition to the usual merch I sell at conventions. Can't wait to see some of you there :)


Happy Summer!

Happy to kick off the summer with this super fun mermaid commission! I am accepting commissions this summer so please contact me on etsy if you are interested!
I am also taking a silk screening class at my alma mater, School of Visual Arts in NYC and am working on some new very limited edition hand screened poster prints as well as some limited edition tote bags and tshirts. Here is a quick picture I snapped of my first batch of test screen prints. These were just a test to get a feel for the process as well as getting registration down and using a few different techniques like half tones and transparencies. The registration isn't perfect on most of them, but it was a good first try! I may be putting the few of these that came out well on etsy soon as very limited edition prints.