New York Comic Con

wow, can't believe i went this long without posting but, I moved again! we all know how draining and stressful moving can be so I haven't been doing a ton of artwork. I knew I had a lot of stuff as an artist with books and art supplies but goodness what a surprise! so many boxes! anyway now that that is over I am looking forward to getting more artwork done now that I have plenty of room to do it. No more teeny tiny apartment for me!

I will be attending New York Comic Con again this year with my friends Little Asian Sweatshop and Paigey! we are very excited to come out and I am hoping this will be a nice little jolt of inspiration for new artwork. I really hope to see some of you there. Please come by and say HI!

we will be in booth 2682, which is against the back wall on the main floor!