end of 2015

its almost the end of another year, and what a year it was! i bought a new apartment, and moved (yes i am crazy) got a new job, and a bunch of other big life changes. art didn't factor into the picture too much this year, which seems to be the norm lately unfortunately. i did set up a painting space in my new apartment so i am hoping to do more work in the new year. i didn't do a christmas card this year, but i just realized that i did not share any pictures from this years new york comic con! Thanks to everyone who came to visit us! as always I had a great time! we outdid ourselves with costumes this year. check it out! My favorite was our Bob's Burgers cosplay. it just came together so perfectly. i loved being Linda she is the BEST.

view of my booth, in my Riddler cosplay. I had a few new things this year, including stickers and mini framed magnets.

when my friend Honey T came by to visit

our epic Bob's Burgers cosplay! we fond a random Bob and made him take pictures with us
we captured the look really well!

so much fun!


New York Comic Con

wow, can't believe i went this long without posting but, I moved again! we all know how draining and stressful moving can be so I haven't been doing a ton of artwork. I knew I had a lot of stuff as an artist with books and art supplies but goodness what a surprise! so many boxes! anyway now that that is over I am looking forward to getting more artwork done now that I have plenty of room to do it. No more teeny tiny apartment for me!

I will be attending New York Comic Con again this year with my friends Little Asian Sweatshop and Paigey! we are very excited to come out and I am hoping this will be a nice little jolt of inspiration for new artwork. I really hope to see some of you there. Please come by and say HI!

we will be in booth 2682, which is against the back wall on the main floor!


Awesome con!

Hello all!
I'll be vending at Awesome con in Washington DC this weekend, May 29-31st with my friends Paigey! and Fenny of Little Asian Sweatshop! we will be in artists alley, tables AA 06 and AA07, right next to kids zone (hahaha!) I am pretty excited about this one, its always fun to do a show all together and in one of my favorite cities! should be really fun, lots of fun guests and panels. I'll have some new artwork, new prints as well as the usual goodies. I also have a few fun costumes in store. Come check it out if you'll be in the area!


New Art!

Just wanted to share some new art that I have recently finished that I am really proud of! I haven't updated my new art here in a while so here it is!
First up: this was a commission by a very nice and patient person I met on etsy.  Aurora and Malificent from Sleeping Beauty! I love the way both of these came out but I especially like the Malificent. I am very happy I was asked to draw these because I probably wouldn't have gotten to it on my own, now i'd like to draw more! I'm offering a special on these over on my etsy, you get 2 for $15 fine art prints instead of the usual price of $10  Click here or click on the art for more info!

Next up is a new Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy pin up! My Harley and Ivy art is some of my most popular art so I really wanted to do another one, this time of them taking a selfie, or looking at something on Harley's cell phone! (weird texts from the Joker perhaps?) This one is also available on my etsy. Click here or the image for more info!

Next up is Purgatori from chaos comics! this one was a little different for me, and a bit of a challenge but I am so glad I accepted because I like the way it came out. Didn't list this one on etsy, but if anybody is interested contact me!


Happy Spring and East Coast Comic Con

Happy New year and Happy Spring! haven't had a chance to post much this year it seems! I have some new artwork to share but for now, I wanted to share that I will be exhibiting at East Coast Comic Con in Secaucus, New Jersey April 11 and 12! This is the first time I will have my own full size table at a convention and I am nervous but excited. I am working hard on new merch and I hope to see you there!


Merry Christmas to those who celebrate! Christmas is my favorite time of year, so I did this little cutie to celebrate. She is inspired by my favorite vintage greeting cards. I have some more art to post but that probably won't happen til the new year. Happy New Year to all! thanks for the support by reading my blog, coming to see me at conventions, liking my work on social media, commissioning me to do artwork and all the other ways that you support me. I really do appreciate it and it means a lot to me. Can't wait til 2015. I already have East Coast Comic Con lined up and lots of ideas for new work!




I am having a Cyber Monday sale at my etsy site in case anybody is interested! 15% off everything in my store which right now includes tote bags, lots of prints, pin up coloring book and a Christmas greeting card. Happy Holidays to all!


Post NYCC and new art!

This is a little late but New York Comic Con has come and gone, and it was really fun and productive for me, but a little bit tiring! I would greatly benefit from better planning next year, like coming prepared with food etc. We had a great corner booth on the main floor which got a decent amount of traffic. I met a lot of great new people which is always fun for me. I also really enjoy preparing and coming up with new things to make and sell and new art to create. I work 9 hours a day plus commute creating artwork for a clothing company as my main job and as much as I enjoy drawing, sometimes I just want to come home and watch TV or hang out with friends instead of going home and doing more artwork, which is why I don't create as often as I would like sometimes. A big reason I like doing conventions is because it gives me a deadline on creating new artwork which I definitely need on those days and weekends when I am tired and don't feel very motivated to do new work.
Here's some pics of that weekend! we did fun outfits all three days which was really fun for me as I don't dress up for conventions or halloween very often.
Saturdays theme was retro GI joe
Formal theme! I was feeling a little under the weather that day.
anyway I went to see the movie the Book of Life for my birthday, and I loved it so much I felt compelled to do a drawing of, of course, Maria
Please check out my instagram and facebook for updates on art, as I post there a lot more often, and sometimes post stuff there that I don't get around to posting here :)


New York Comic Con is here!

just a friendly reminder, New York Comic Con is upon us! I'll be sharing a booth on the main floor with my friends Fenny from Little Asian Sweatshop and Paigey! so come check us out if you can! I'll have prints, silkscreens, totebags, buttons, mirrors and some other fun new items. I'll also be debuting this Batgirl print I did in honor of the new Batgirl comic by Cameron Stewart and Babs Tarr. These NYCC exclusive prints are 5x7 matted to 8x10" and I'll only be selling these at NYCC!
so come check us out on the main floor!


new work

Just wanted to share some new work I have done the last few months!
First, I did this portrait commission as a surprise from one sister to another. Came out really nice and really made her birthday special! I am working on two commissions at the moment that are going to be really fun so watch out for those. I am also open to portrait commissions, please contact me on etsy!

Next I did a commission of Stargirl from DC comics! I am very happy with the way her outfit turned out!

also, don't forget! If you will be at New York Comic Con this year, I will be there with my friends little asian sweatshop and Paigey! we have a booth on the main floor this year. we will have adorable stuff for sale and will be in fun outfits all weekend long. hope to see some of you there!