Holiday sale!

Wow almost Christmas time already? Christmas is my favorite time of year and I love all the decorations, the smell of Christmas trees, the baking, the yummy food and of course the presents! So I am restocking my etsy page throughout the month, and offering 25% off all sales, and of course, all orders come with a free gift (its a surprise!) so use code BLACKFRIDAY at my etsy store for 25% off and bring home some unique gifts for yourself or someone you love, while supporting a small business :) Check it out!


Harry Potter!

I have been sick with an ear infection--in both ears :( for the last week, so I have been laying low at home this weekend trying to recover... It has been playing a Harry Potter marathon all weekend long on TV, and inspiration to do a Hermione fan art piece struck! I have always liked Hermione she's--smart, good in school, she likes reading, cats, has curly hair and is brave and a bad ass. A great role model for young females in a day and age where there are so few! I know Harry Potter is very special to many people, and I hope I did Hermione some justice with this drawing :)