Holiday Baking

I hope everybody who celebrated had a very Merry Christmas! I said I'd be back with some of my holiday baking, and while I didn't make as much as I wanted to, I did manage to make some stuff I am proud of! First I set out to make cake pops again, as I have for the last few holidays. For some reason, most of them did not work out. out of about 25 I only got 12 good ones! I also didn't manage to get too many good pictures either. Here is one from inside my fridge.
These are chocolate peanut butter with white chocolate shells. Luckily, the few that made it were very tasty and pretty too!

I really wanted to make salted nutella fudge but again, time got away from me, as I worked right up until Christmas Eve, and these cake pops took longer than anticipated. On Christmas Eve I went to my sisters place and we attempted to make French Macarons. We made the batter twice, and I am happy to say, they worked out perfectly the second time! We made them plain with chocolate ganache. Of course them being one of the most notoriously difficult cookies to make, the second batch cracked in the oven and did not look like the first one. Same exact batter, same everything! Our theory is that the oven was just too hot after the first batch. But we figure one good batch is better than none! Behold!
so shiny and perfect!! we are not sure they are worth the effort to make them from scratch again (but we probably will. hah!) but we are so proud to say we got perfect French macarons on our first try!

As for art, I am hoping to be back with a New Years pin up before the New Year :)

Hope everyones Christmas was sweet!


Christmas time!

Its almost Christmas and that means new Christmas art! Christmas is my favorite time of the year and I always try to design a card for the occasion. This years is my favorite! I took inspiration from vintage greeting cards which I have a small collection of. They are my absolute favorites! So here is my card and some inspiration:
and check out this wonderful flickr for some examples of vintage greeting cards. I love them all so much! here are some of my favorites for Christmas

I will be back before Christmas to share some of my baking with everyone. I find baking is something I am enjoying more and more so why not share it! :)