New York Comic Con

That's right, Girls Drawin Girls is going to have a booth at New York City Comic Con next weekend, October 8-10 at the Jacob Javits center in NYC! Yours truly will be at the table representin and selling some 8x10 prints that won't be available anywhere else! So swing by Small Press Booth 2479 and say hi! There will be tons of awesome GDG merch available.
Hope to see you there!
Beautiful flyer courtesy the talented Paige Pumphrey


So Swanky- Mad Men

I recently completed a new drawing! I really love how popular the show mad men has become! Its a great show, and I am in love with the overall look of it, including the cast. Its probably the most perfectly cast show I have ever seen. They cut no corners in really making this show authentic. I particularly enjoy how popular Christina Hendricks, who plays Joan Holloway has become. She's not your typical size 2, 22 year old Hollywood starlet but she is still a success! I wanted to do a drawing of her as her character so here it is. My swanky tribute to mad men!


well razz my berries!

I wanted to write a post about a brand new blog called Razz My Berries retro cooking. It's my sisters blog and I did the design work!
She has a lovely and very substantial collection of old cook books and catalogs from the 1950s which she uses to make delicious desserts and meals. She decided to start a blog documenting her versions of the original recipes, and has a section for users to share their photos of the recipes too. It's a great site if you are looking for recipes from the 1950s that you know will work in today's world. Also a great resource if you don't have any old cook books of your own, as she posts the original recipes too!
check it out!


Things I love Thursday

So I saw this on a few blogs and have been looking for something to do other than post art, because sometimes I don't do art for a while and still want to keep my blog going. So I have decided to also do a Things I love Thursday! Let's hope I keep it going :)

First on my list is the movie Marie Antoinette, directed by Sophia Coppola. This is the most visually beautiful movie I have ever seen. It's feminine without being overly twee or girly. Everything from the costume and hair designs to the props, the way the french pastries are used and the color palette is just spot on. Some stills I took:
I was thrilled to find out that Laduree designed all of the pastries seen in the movie! I have long been obsessed with them since I had a macaron and I now dream of going back to Paris and having some French pastries there. I can safely say that this movie has had an impact on my work, especially in my Patisserie Francaise series.

Next on my list is the artwork of Mark Ryden. I had the pleasure of seeing "The Gay 90's Olde Tyme Art Show" in person at Paul Kasmin gallery in NYC and the work is stunning in person. I have always had an appreciation for oil painting, and love the way he paints. I love his color palette, his subject matter, everything. I am not an art critic so I don't really know what else to say except that his work really appeals to me. Here are some pieces from the show:


Snapfish designer

Some fun news!
I was approached by the lovely people at snapfish.com a few months back about partnering with them for a new service called Snapfish publisher. So I applied and was approved, and you can now see some of my designs here! Note, snapfish publisher hasn't officially launched yet, so you can see the designs, but can't buy them yet. I will update again when they are actually for sale! so check them out and stay tuned for more to come :)Also wanted to quickly mention my cafepress is also still open for pin up greeting cards and other goodies, which I hope to also be updating soon!