new work

Just wanted to share some new work I have done the last few months!
First, I did this portrait commission as a surprise from one sister to another. Came out really nice and really made her birthday special! I am working on two commissions at the moment that are going to be really fun so watch out for those. I am also open to portrait commissions, please contact me on etsy!

Next I did a commission of Stargirl from DC comics! I am very happy with the way her outfit turned out!

also, don't forget! If you will be at New York Comic Con this year, I will be there with my friends little asian sweatshop and Paigey! we have a booth on the main floor this year. we will have adorable stuff for sale and will be in fun outfits all weekend long. hope to see some of you there!


The White Queen

I recently completed this painting for One Shot Gallery in New York City's upcoming show, Daughters of the Atom: An X-Women Exhibit opening in October. I chose to revisit a drawing I did of Emma Frost, as I really wanted to paint her vintage lingerie :) I am also working on a commission of three other X-Women, so stay tuned for that! This painting will be available for purchase through One-Shot Gallery when the show opens in October.
Emma Frost. Gouache on watercolor paper 8"x10"