Artist Spotlight and Wondercon

Hey look at that, my artist spotlight is up over at the girls drawin girls blog. yay! check it out!
also, I won't be there, but girls drawin girls will have a booth at Wondercon this year, and I have shipped them some fresh new merchandise, including new 8x10 prints and some 5x7 prints as well! So if you are in the area, check it out. I really need to make it over there for some conventions soon... so far away!
Wondercon 2011
April 1-3
Moscone Center South, San Francisco, CA
Girls Drawin Girls will be in the small press area, booth #1339


New Art

I have spent most of this year experimenting with new drawing techniques and themes and styles, and so far I am very happy with the result. I have also been revisiting my paper cut out artwork, which I have always loved to do and seemed to be my most popular. I still enjoy the more realistic style of artwork that I have been working on for many years, but I feel I am ready to try some new things while staying true to what I love. I have to say, my new gig with snapfish really helped me start to think outside of my usual style and I have enjoyed it a lot. I have amassed quite a collection of designs, and right now I am working on getting some products together to have a table at a craft fair! I am definitely interested in doing Brooklyn artists and fleas, and am pleased with what I have so far.
I also mentioned I am going to be participating in my very first book with Girls Drawin Girls, and I felt inspired to try something completely new, yet still recognizable as my own. The theme I had for the book was apples and here she is:
What do you think? I am loving her!
I've also been looking over my artwork past and present, and there doesn't seem to be much racial diversity :/ its not intentional, I just usually draw the same people (Bernie Dexter most of all) but its definitely become a priority to focus less on specific people.

I'm excited about doing new work and changing things up a bit! Maybe its the impending warmer weather?