New arts

Is it really STILL January? This is like the month that will never end! I have two new drawings that I want to share. I am happy with the way they turned out, and I have one more to finish to complete this little series. For these I wanted to go classic pin up but in my own style. The last one I want to work on is a sailor pin up! I wanted to also tone down the colors and add some design elements that I don't normally work with, so I am pretty happy with these!
I am selling them as 8x10 prints on etsy, and when the third is complete I am going to sell them as 5x7 card sets.
I am also working on an actual painting! I am so excited because I haven't done an oil painting in over a year, possibly longer. Will give more details on that soon. I am hoping to finish it up this weekend. It's hard to find time/energy to paint but it is my first love so no excuses!



Hello all!
Hope your 2012 is shaping up to be awesome! Mine's going well so far! Just wanted to share a recent little logo design I worked on for a cool blog called verbal switchblade. It's a portrait of the owner of the blog and her adorable little pup, done up in a cute 1920s/art deco style!


here's a larger view of her portrait. If anybody is interested in having a portrait or design done, please email me!
here's a closer view of her portrait :)