end of 2015

its almost the end of another year, and what a year it was! i bought a new apartment, and moved (yes i am crazy) got a new job, and a bunch of other big life changes. art didn't factor into the picture too much this year, which seems to be the norm lately unfortunately. i did set up a painting space in my new apartment so i am hoping to do more work in the new year. i didn't do a christmas card this year, but i just realized that i did not share any pictures from this years new york comic con! Thanks to everyone who came to visit us! as always I had a great time! we outdid ourselves with costumes this year. check it out! My favorite was our Bob's Burgers cosplay. it just came together so perfectly. i loved being Linda she is the BEST.

view of my booth, in my Riddler cosplay. I had a few new things this year, including stickers and mini framed magnets.

when my friend Honey T came by to visit

our epic Bob's Burgers cosplay! we fond a random Bob and made him take pictures with us
we captured the look really well!

so much fun!