Painting and some updates!

can't believe its been 2 months since I posted!
I have been doing some fun artwork that I have been posting to my facebook page and to my instagram account (follow me there for more updates!) but I recently finished this painting that I am pretty proud of. Its a rework of an older design that never really felt finished to me. I have been wanting to practice my gouache skills more because I was painting in oils for so long that anything else is a little bit difficult for me. I have a ways to go but I am pretty happy with this painting. I am having a hard time scanning in my paintings, as the colors never come out the way the actual painting looks in real life. I  have had even worse luck with this painting, so this is a crappy iphone picture I edited a little in photoshop but its still off. Hopefully I'll get a new scanner soon so I can share my original paintings better.
Supergirl, gouache on watercolor paper 7"X10"

in other news I am going to be exhibiting at asbury park comic con in New Jersey this April 12-13! First convention on my own! I am excited but nervous as well. I will post more details as the convention approaches.