Things I love of 2010

Here is my final "Things I love Thursdays" of some of my favorite things/events of 2010! This was definitely a good year for me artistically, professionally and personally, and I am hoping 2011 is even better! Hope you all have a fabulous New Year! Can't wait to start doing more artwork and adding more products to my etsy store and snapfish store in the coming year. :)

1) Girls Drawin Girls:
I had the pleasure and privilege of joining the artist collective Girls Drawin Girls early this year and it has definitely opened up a lot of doors for me. Besides being a part of a group of very talented female artists, I have had the opportunity to exhibit artwork in more shows, be a part of NYCC, get published in a calendar and more. I am looking forward to another year as a member of this amazing group. Thanks for having me ladies!

2) Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World
OK this movie was fantastic. I wasn't expecting to like it as much as I did, but it was an enjoyable experience to say the least! Great cast and acting, really great costumes and designs and of course really cool special effects. I also really enjoyed the graphic novels and am glad they did them justice. I'd recommend watching this. You won't be disappointed.

3) New York City Comic Con:
This year was my first year attending NYCC, and I also had the pleasure of exhibiting with Girls Drawin Girls. It was a little overwhelming at first but I really enjoyed it and most of all enjoyed meeting some of the west coast girls and other members from the east coast. it's always nice putting a face to a name. I also enjoyed the convention itself even though it was very crowded. Lots of talent in one place, which is always nice. Definitely one of the highlights of the summer for me.

4) Snapfish:
Becoming a snapfish greeting card designer has also been one of the highlights of this year for me. Not only am I doing something i really enjoy but I am making a little money off of it. This year I am hoping to design a line of greeting cards on my etsy as well as attend the stationary trade show at the Javits center this May.

5) Teddy Girls:
I recently stumbled upon and discovered some really awesome photographs by Ken Russell of a group of girls from England in the 1950s called "Teddy Girls" Sadly there isn't much photographic evidence but their style is like nothing I've ever seen. I want to do artwork of them or inspired by them at some point this year. I am definitely still doing research and would like to learn more about them. read more about them here

6) All the Blogs I have linked on my blog roll.
I visit all those blogs on a daily basis and I would definitely recommend anybody visit them as well. Lots of talented people on there from artists, to people who make their own clothes to people who bake and cook with lots of passion, to magazines and designers and every thing in between. I love visiting these blogs and they definitely help me go on when I am feeling creatively drained or tired of working full time, blogging and finding time and passion for new artwork and projects.

Hope you enjoyed my list and I hope everyone has a fantastic New Year! see you in 2011!! :)


Holiday show update/Merry Christmas!

I didn't get to participate in the girls drawin girls holiday show this year, unfortunately. It seems my package was lost in the mail and never made it to LA! and sadly I did not get insurance on it (but luckily it was not original artwork, just prints, but it was still signed artwork in frames and it hurts that they are lost) here is hoping that somehow they get sent back to me.

I would like to start participating in more shows in the NYC or surrounding area, I love participating in GDG shows and events but the stress and cost of having to send artwork and merch to LA from NY--and facing the real possibility that the work will get lost, is getting a bit too much. I need to just focus on maybe participating in 1 or 2 shows and events with the group per year and focus on that instead of trying to over extend myself and participate in more!

In happier news, my cards over at snapfish are doing well and it has been a lot of fun designing for them. I am actually planning on branching out and selling a collection of greeting cards that can be customized on my etsy site, so stay tuned for that. In the meantime, please visit my snapfish store!

I would also like to wish any and all readers a very Merry Christmas if they celebrate, and a Happy and prosperous New Year filled with lots of art, happiness and love!


New Holiday art

Hello all!
happy December! I recently completed a new Holiday themed piece for the upcoming Girls Drawin Girls Holiday show. Check it out! This peice will be on sale, framed and matted for only $20. I will post more information about the show soon!


Girls Drawin Girls Calendar

I recently created some artwork for the Girls Drawin Girls 2011 calendar! This was super fun because we were each paired up with another girl for a collaboration. I was paired up with the talented Megan Levens and we got December (which i was super happy about-winter is my favorite season to do artwork for!) Here is what we came up with:
Our theme was "indoor/outdoor" "cold/warm" and I think we did a good job conveying our theme!
So get your GDG 2011 calendar already! There is lots of really great art on there. Check it out!


Some updates

My cards over at snapfish are finally available for purchase! This has been a lot of fun for me, as I love greeting card design! I am adding more designs almost on a daily basis so please keep checking it out!
I have also created a few iphone and ipod touch wallpapers of some of my artwork available for download for personal use only. check that out here

Lastly, a quick note on "Things I love Thursdays" I can't come up with a post for that every week, so I have decided to do it on a monthly basis, but it will still be on Thursdays


Mondo Lounge-Las Vegas

Vegas baby! No unfortunately I am not going but Girls Drawin Girls will have a booth there, and I am going to have this brand new, exclusive print available at the Mondo Lounge in Las Vegas, this weekend, October 22-24. Clearly, this is something I'd really love to attend, but maybe next year! anyway, check out this new piece i did to be sold exclusively at the Mondo Lounge! if you find yourself in Vegas, you should go!


Things I Love Thursday

I'm back with another "things i love Thursday" post! preparing art and prints for NYCC and work kept me busy so i didn't get a chance to do this in a while, so here we go!

Bettie Page: (and the movie "The Notorious Bettie Page")
Obviously, I have much respect and admiration for the pin up queen herself, Bettie Page. She never considered herself an icon or a queen or any of the labels bestowed upon her, which might be one of the main reasons she is so appealing. She came alive in front of the camera, captivating her audience with her radiant smile. Looking at her pictures automatically puts a smile on my face, because she seems so genuinely happy in that moment. She led a very interesting life, sometimes difficult, but there was a sweetness and innocence and complete lack of self consciousness about her that has never quite been recaptured by anybody.

as for the movie, many people didn't seem to really like it, but I thought it was beautifully done. Many people say it didn't delve into who Bettie "really" was, but I think that is the whole point of Bettie Page. She was always a bit of a mystery, somebody who seemed to be happy and herself and really come to life in the presence of cameras. She had no agenda, she wasn't out to break down feminist barriers or change the world, that wasn't Bettie at all. I think the film captured that about her quite well. I also think Gretchen Mol did a fantastic job portraying Bettie. She captured her sweet, free spirited innocence really well, even though they don't really physically look alike. It was a pleasure to watch and different than your typical Hollywood biopic.
Bernie Dexter:
Next is Bernie Dexter, who is my number one muse! I know she got initially got attention because she looks like Bettie Page, but Bernie Dexter is in a category all her own. She has many of those sweet and innocent qualities that Bettie Page had, she comes alive and radiates in front of a camera just like Bettie. I love Bernies happy photos and use many of her pictures as reference and inspiration for my art. She has a beautiful face and figure but an even more beautiful spirit. Thank you Bernie Dexter for being a constant inspiration for me!


NYCC success!

NYCC was a lot of fun! pretty tiring but lots of fun. we ended up with a great corner booth after some mishaps with our original booth but it all worked out pretty well. Major props to the ladies at Girls Drawin Girls for making things happen and setting everything up. I also got to meet West Coast founding members, Melody Severns and Daisy Church which was really nice, and got to hang out with a few East Coast members. East Coast represent!
We had a lot of traffic at our booth, and many people interested in learning more about us. I also sold a number of my prints which made me very happy! We had a great variety of merchandise, and I think we were one of the most interesting booths there. NYCC was my first convention, and I really enjoyed it and look forward to more. Here's to next years NYCC! :)
here are some photos from that crazy weekend!

Me and Paigey!

Me with Erica Hesse, Paigey and Fenny!

action shot of the booth!


New Etsy shop and NYCC

Hey all! I have opened up my very own etsy shop! check it out!
I only have one item listed so far, but will be listing more!

also, don't forget to stop by NYCC and visit the girls drawin girls booth! we will be at booth 2479 so please stop by and say hi if you're going to be there! I will be there tomorrow and Sunday. I will have a few 8x10 prints for sale. I hope to see you there :)


New York Comic Con

That's right, Girls Drawin Girls is going to have a booth at New York City Comic Con next weekend, October 8-10 at the Jacob Javits center in NYC! Yours truly will be at the table representin and selling some 8x10 prints that won't be available anywhere else! So swing by Small Press Booth 2479 and say hi! There will be tons of awesome GDG merch available.
Hope to see you there!
Beautiful flyer courtesy the talented Paige Pumphrey


So Swanky- Mad Men

I recently completed a new drawing! I really love how popular the show mad men has become! Its a great show, and I am in love with the overall look of it, including the cast. Its probably the most perfectly cast show I have ever seen. They cut no corners in really making this show authentic. I particularly enjoy how popular Christina Hendricks, who plays Joan Holloway has become. She's not your typical size 2, 22 year old Hollywood starlet but she is still a success! I wanted to do a drawing of her as her character so here it is. My swanky tribute to mad men!


well razz my berries!

I wanted to write a post about a brand new blog called Razz My Berries retro cooking. It's my sisters blog and I did the design work!
She has a lovely and very substantial collection of old cook books and catalogs from the 1950s which she uses to make delicious desserts and meals. She decided to start a blog documenting her versions of the original recipes, and has a section for users to share their photos of the recipes too. It's a great site if you are looking for recipes from the 1950s that you know will work in today's world. Also a great resource if you don't have any old cook books of your own, as she posts the original recipes too!
check it out!


Things I love Thursday

So I saw this on a few blogs and have been looking for something to do other than post art, because sometimes I don't do art for a while and still want to keep my blog going. So I have decided to also do a Things I love Thursday! Let's hope I keep it going :)

First on my list is the movie Marie Antoinette, directed by Sophia Coppola. This is the most visually beautiful movie I have ever seen. It's feminine without being overly twee or girly. Everything from the costume and hair designs to the props, the way the french pastries are used and the color palette is just spot on. Some stills I took:
I was thrilled to find out that Laduree designed all of the pastries seen in the movie! I have long been obsessed with them since I had a macaron and I now dream of going back to Paris and having some French pastries there. I can safely say that this movie has had an impact on my work, especially in my Patisserie Francaise series.

Next on my list is the artwork of Mark Ryden. I had the pleasure of seeing "The Gay 90's Olde Tyme Art Show" in person at Paul Kasmin gallery in NYC and the work is stunning in person. I have always had an appreciation for oil painting, and love the way he paints. I love his color palette, his subject matter, everything. I am not an art critic so I don't really know what else to say except that his work really appeals to me. Here are some pieces from the show:


Snapfish designer

Some fun news!
I was approached by the lovely people at snapfish.com a few months back about partnering with them for a new service called Snapfish publisher. So I applied and was approved, and you can now see some of my designs here! Note, snapfish publisher hasn't officially launched yet, so you can see the designs, but can't buy them yet. I will update again when they are actually for sale! so check them out and stay tuned for more to come :)Also wanted to quickly mention my cafepress is also still open for pin up greeting cards and other goodies, which I hope to also be updating soon!


Mistress of the Dark

Hi all! Here is a new vector drawing I just completed, it is a portrait of the one and only Elvira Mistress of the Dark. This was a lot of fun to work on! Elvira is the perfect combination of sexy pin up, and hilarious kitch, and a character I remember from my youth.

Mistress of the Dark:
Adobe Illustrator CS4, August 2010



So in addition to drawing lovely pin up girls, I also really enjoy designing patterns, and love working with fonts and type. For a long time I wanted to get into greeting card and stationary design, and many years back went to a greeting card and stationary trade show. I didn't have any designs to show then so it didn't get me anywhere, but it is still something I really enjoy doing. Here's some samples of recent designs that I think would look cute on anything from greeting cards to wrapping paper. More to add to an etsy site perhaps? :) Enjoy!


Girls Drawin Girls first NYC show

Here are some pictures from the show at Niagara Bar in NYC! It was a real success! I may be selling some of this art and some merchandise on an etsy site. stay tuned!


One night art show tonight!

reminder! I will have 3 new works on display at Niagara Bar in NYC tonight, from 9pm-1am one night only! Niagara Bar 112 Avenue A at 7th street.


French Pastry Girls

Here are the finished French Pastry girls I originally designed for the GDG Sugar and Spice show in LA. Unfortunately due to unforeseen circumstances (new job, school work, etc) I ran out of time to send these pieces to LA for the show :( but I will be showing them at the GDG NYC show! The theme was desserts and I chose 2 of my favorite most fascinating French Pastries. The macaron and La religieuse a la violette. I would love to go back to Paris and enjoy these desserts at Laduree some day!

Pâtisseries Françaises:
Adobe Illustrator CS4, June 2010


Je T'aime

new artwork i finished up today. I drew her a long time ago but didn't get around to designing it til now. I plan on making post cards of this and a few other pieces to sell at the first New York City Girls Drawin Girls show!

Je T'aime:
Adobe Illustrator CS4 May 2010


Some Shows

I am going to be showing artwork in 2 upcoming Girls Drawin Girls shows. First will be the at Niagara Bar in NYC! This is the first show GDG has had in NYC, and my friend Paigey is going to be running it, and I will be helping. Very exciting to have a GDG show in NYC! Check it out if you're around! Niagara Bar 112 Ave A, New York, NY. The show will be up for one night only, Thursday July 8th from 9pm-1am

One day later over on the west coast, there will be another Girls Drawin Girls show. This is a big show because its the launch party for GDG 3rd book, Sugar and Spice and will be at Gallery 839 1105 N. Hollywood way, Burbank, CA. The show will run through July 31st. Even though I don't have artwork in the book, (I joined GDG after the work for the book was finalized) I will have artwork at the show. Check it out if you're going to be in the area! and Don't forget to pre-order Girls Drawin Girls Volume III Sugar and Spice.


Girls Drawin Girls Vol 3

Girls Drawin Girls Vol 3. book Sugar and Spice is now available for preorder! My work is not in the book this time around, (I joined GDG after the book was started) but there's a lot of amazing artwork in there by some fabulously talented ladies. I am going to pre-order one myself! The first 100 people to pre-order get a poster too!
Check it out people!



A little Spring sprucing up on the old blog! Redesigned to feel more springy and summery!


Happy Spring

Even though it does feel like summer here in NYC today. It hit 90 degrees! unfortunately I have a nasty cold and didn't get to enjoy it much. Here is a new drawing that took a while--about 4 days to complete. It's of a friend and new muse, Danielle! Here's her blog: http://ghostswaltz.blogspot.com/

Summer Days:
Adobe Illustrator CS3, April 2010


Louise Brooks

here's a quick little drawing I did today of silent film star Louise Brooks. She is a real style icon and you can see her influence in fashion and beauty even today. It's different than my usual drawings, but I like it.

Louise Brooks:
Adobe Illustrator CS3 February 2010.


Ssshhh! New painting

I've been planning this painting for quite some time, but I finally started and finished it!
Based on a photo of Bernie Dexter, my favorite pin up girl!

Oil on Gesso Board, 8"x10" February 2010


Bitter/Sweet Valentines show online now!

check it out! The Girls Drawin Girls Bitter/Sweet Valentines show is online now, and all art is for sale. the show will also be up for about another week. Check it :)


Feelin' Yummy

So here is my painting for the Girls Drawin Girls Bitter/Sweet Valentines show :)
Go check out the show if you are in the LA area!

Feelin' Yummy:
Oil on gesso board, 11"x14" February 2010


Girls Drawin Girls presents "Bitter/Sweet: A Valentine Show"

I will have a painting in the next Girls Drawin Girls show, Friday February 12 in Los Angeles. Check it out! Unfortunately I can't be there, as it is in LA and I am in NYC but if anyone reading this will be in the area, go check it out, and maybe buy some valentines art for your sweetie :) Its going to be a fun night of art, music and performances!



I have recently become a designer on a european site that prints textiles designed by approved artists and designers. Everything is made in Belgium and is made using high quality 100% pure cotton, and printed using an eco friendly printing procedure. You can purchase pillows, table runners, aprons, tote bags and more. check out their site for more information.

I'm excited about this because its a combination of the things I love most--art and textile design. I only have one item in my shop so far because they have to approve everything, but I will be adding more. :)
check it out!


Haiti Relief Auction

Girls Drawin Girls is doing an art auction for Haiti Relief. 100% of the proceeds of all art sold will go to the American Red Cross. They are accepting submissions from all artist, not just members of GDG. Go out and buy some art for a good cause!
check it out!


Girls Drawin Girls

I am one of Girls Drawin Girls newest members! this is an amazing group of talented women and I am very proud and honored to be a part of their group! :o)