So in addition to drawing lovely pin up girls, I also really enjoy designing patterns, and love working with fonts and type. For a long time I wanted to get into greeting card and stationary design, and many years back went to a greeting card and stationary trade show. I didn't have any designs to show then so it didn't get me anywhere, but it is still something I really enjoy doing. Here's some samples of recent designs that I think would look cute on anything from greeting cards to wrapping paper. More to add to an etsy site perhaps? :) Enjoy!


  1. Adorable! You are very talented. You know what would probably be a huge hit on Etsy? If you allowed people to submit photos of themselves, and you would draw a pin-up style portrait of them. I think girls would LOVE that!

  2. Get on Etsy! I want to order a box of the "Happy Holidays" cards.