Holiday show update/Merry Christmas!

I didn't get to participate in the girls drawin girls holiday show this year, unfortunately. It seems my package was lost in the mail and never made it to LA! and sadly I did not get insurance on it (but luckily it was not original artwork, just prints, but it was still signed artwork in frames and it hurts that they are lost) here is hoping that somehow they get sent back to me.

I would like to start participating in more shows in the NYC or surrounding area, I love participating in GDG shows and events but the stress and cost of having to send artwork and merch to LA from NY--and facing the real possibility that the work will get lost, is getting a bit too much. I need to just focus on maybe participating in 1 or 2 shows and events with the group per year and focus on that instead of trying to over extend myself and participate in more!

In happier news, my cards over at snapfish are doing well and it has been a lot of fun designing for them. I am actually planning on branching out and selling a collection of greeting cards that can be customized on my etsy site, so stay tuned for that. In the meantime, please visit my snapfish store!

I would also like to wish any and all readers a very Merry Christmas if they celebrate, and a Happy and prosperous New Year filled with lots of art, happiness and love!


  1. That sucks so much, I'm always paranoid about sending things in the mail! I hope it gets back to you, or finally makes its way to them. Congrats on the success of your cards! I still have the cards you've sent me for Christmas before, you have such talent for design (well duh you know that, haha).

  2. totally sucks!!! : ( booo... we're totally for you doing shows in NYC! I've told paigey and other nyc ladies; GDG would love to help promote/ support east coast shows, but we need help on your end w/ gallery space, etc (like the antagonist one)

    hopefully it will get returned to you! (crosses fingers) I've been busy shipping artwork around this fall too to different shows across the country.. my best solution has been to do paintings on wood panels and try to avoid glass (so i don't have to worry about breakage and extra packing)

  3. ps; you should post about your cards on snapfish over on the GDG blog!!!