Let them eat cupcakes

I've been on a bit of a roll with creating new artwork and feeling really inspired lately.
I'm going to ride this wave of inspiration til it fizzles out, which it inevitably will. Here is a new drawing I am really really proud of. I feel like I opened a door with stepping outside of my comfort zone and trying some new things, and I am happy with the results! I've had this idea of a girl with cupcake hair for a while, and decided that would be a cute idea for a Marie Antoinette inspired girl. so here she is! I am thinking she needs to be painted, but I guess we'll see if i could find time to start painting again. She's definitely going to be a Mother's Day gift for my dear Mom. She shares an affinity for pin ups and cartoony girls too!

I also submitted a drawing of Elektra I did for cornered blog. I did it really quickly and was surprised with the results. Check out the blog post by clicking the picture:
I also did Brooklyn Artists and Fleas with my friend Paigey, while it was a fun time and good exposure and experience, I don't think I would do that particular venue again. But i definitely want to do more craft fairs in the future, I just have to figure out which ones and where. Doing lots of research. I am also revamping my etsy page because I have some sweet merchandise that I made that I would like to sell. Will post about that in a separate entry soon!


  1. The cupcake lady is aaaaaawesome, I love her!

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  3. Hi
    I want to know if you sell you art?? I've already seen your art in a local cupcake shop, I'm from veracruz México by the way.