Zombie valentine for ZaPow! Gallery

I recently completed an actual oil painting! Painting has always been the thing I have been the most passionate about as far as creating art goes. I took to it in art school and tried to continue but its very difficult to oil paint when you have no studio space. I live in a very small studio apartment and cannot set up any space to paint so when I do, its at my tiny kitchen table and that isn't conducive to oil painting at all. Anyway, I made do with what I have and I do like the way this turned out. The colors are a little off but its pretty accurate.
I created this painting for a gallery I have some artwork in called ZaPow! they are located in Asheville, NC and they focus on comic art, illustration, etc which is a perfect fit for me! They are having a show called Zombies and lusty ladies. If you find yourself in the Asheville area of NC, visit ZaPow! and maybe buy this lovely painting :)
I will definitely be doing more paintings in the future to sell in my etsy store.