Sailor Pin up

Ahoy! It's been a crazy couple of weeks for me, starting with my beloved cat Smokey getting really sick and passing away. It was really hard for me, but he lived a long, happy life. I also keep getting sick which is starting to get on my nerves. I have been sick twice in 2 months! I did manage to find some time to squeeze in a drawing that isn't a commission just for fun! I have been planning to do a sailor pin up to go with my cowgirl pin up (who doesn't love a pin up theme?) and I am proud to say I did it! I think she's pretty cute!


  1. Oh my gosh Maria, I haven't been checking Facebook much so I had no idea about Smokey, I am so, so very sorry. He seemed like such a sweet kitty. He was a lucky cat to have such a wonderful and loving owner as you.

  2. Thanks Danielle, it was pretty hard, even though he was over 15 and had kidney disease, but still. He was with me through some really shitty and heartbreaking times, and was a very loving cat. its never easy, but as time passes, its all just good memories. so glad i have so many pictures and videos to remember him by :)