Commissions and Portraits

I can't believe I let a whole month pass since updating!! Since I got back from Heroescon, I had to really focus on the portrait commissions that were piling up. I have not had the chance to take on many personal projects! Work is also getting busy as we are designing and researching our fall line right now. There is also this little thing called summer I am trying to enjoy before its over and I find myself knee deep in snow and cold again. There is a lot I would like to work on, but I am having a hard time finding time. I want to work on more superhero redesigns, put together a little art book, paint, send work to ZaPow, etc etc.
anyway enough bellyachin! I don't have much personal work to show, but here are some portraits I have finished this last months:

This client really loves coffee and is Italian, so I thought it would be cute to make her portrait look like a vintage coffee label:

This client wanted a vintage bathing suit portrait and to add her cute little Boston Terrier:

and here is a fun indulgent project I did because I happen to be a big fan of Ice Loves Coco! Coco is the type of woman who people will automatically judge based on her appearance. After watching the show, she seems like a nice, normal down to earth person to me. I decided to take this modern day pin up and turn her into a classic pin up. 


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