Halloween art

Hello all! Hope everyone had a nice Halloween! Here on the east coast (and elsewhere I am sure) we got hit pretty bad by hurricane Sandy. The area of Brooklyn where I live got hit pretty bad with lots of damage due to flooding. My apartment building was flooded and badly damaged, but I am grateful that that was the worst of it. We are still currently without heat and hot water but I am grateful that I still have a place to call home even if it is freezing cold! I am also grateful that I have had very generous offers to stay with friends and family in case things don't improve here.

Anyway, I had planned to post this on Halloween but Halloween passed me by completely this year so here is a cute little halloween pin up I worked on.


  1. Hey! glad you are ok! we just got power back Saturday, it got down to 50 in side the house before we had heat. brr! stay warm and leave if you need to! xoxo

  2. Glad to hear you are ok even if still being frozen out. Hoping things will be back up to normal for you soon.

    I love the Halloween pin up she's adorable whatever the time of year!

  3. Oh my goodness Maria, I'm so sorry that your building was damaged and that you're without heat... I can't believe how terrible Sandy's devastation has been, it's just so insane. I'm so happy that you're ok though! I hope everything improves quickly and that you'll be comfortable again soon!