New year, New art!

First off, Happy 2013! Hope everyone enjoyed their holiday! I am back with 2 new pieces. I am finally back in the groove of creating new artwork. Yay! First, I wanted to continue with my superheroine and villains artwork, so I drew Silk Spectre I from my favorite graphic novel Watchmen. I love that the character is already basically a pin up girl, so I just decided to change her outfit around a bit. This is one of my favorites in the group! What do you think? I do plan to work on Silk Spectre II as well. Contemplating what her outfit should look like :)
Next, I felt like designing a Valentine's Day greeting card, and this time I didn't want to wait until the last minute! I am not a big fan of Valentine's day, but I absolutely love vintage Valentine's day greeting cards so much! I especially love all the silly little puns. I also wanted to eventually design a space girl pin up so there you go! I will be selling this as a little 5x7 greeting card at my etsy store if anyone is interested!
 Lastly,  I moved my portfolio over to Behance, and I am really happy with it. You can organize everytihng into categories, it is free and there are tons of respectable artists on there. I also added some of my work from my "day job" on there if anyone is interested. check it out!

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