Space and Time Trifecta!

I did a new drawing for a really fun show over at ZaPow! gallery in Asheville: Space and Time Trifecta; ZaPow takes on Star Wars, Star Trek and Dr. Who, opening Friday April 5

Sounds awesome right? wish I could be there to check the show out, but I do have a piece in the show! I took on a popular Star Trek character. Check it out!
I knew I wanted to draw Uhura but I figure everybody else was going to draw her too--she's a groundbreaking character and the actress who played her in the original series, Nichelle Nichols is an inspirational, groundbreaking woman so it felt right (and she has an asteroid named after her!!!)  I was doing some research and found old Star Trek comic books and knew what I wanted to do :) Hope you like it and if you are in Asheville check out the show! I really wanted to do a Dr. Who piece and a Star Wars piece but like always time got away from me. Maybe I'll work on those as well anyway.

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