I'm not dead! Can't believe I went this long without posting, but now that the long and extremely stressful ordeal of selling my apartment in Brooklyn and looking for a new place to move to and actually moving is over (so many books and art supplies. so many flights of stairs!) I finally feel a bit settled. It's basically been almost a year of non stop talking to lawyers, real estate agents, banks, and plenty of stress and anxiety. NYC is a tough real estate market, so things got really crazy. But its all done, I got my new place set up and made sure to dedicate a little corner to doing painting and drawing, and I have been busy painting once again. Still getting the feel for gouache--I have been painting in oil paint since art school, but I really enjoy painting more than anything else. Will post some of what I have been working on soon.

But for now, I have restocked and updated my etsy store, and am offering a free 2.5" glass mirror with purchase of any 3 8x10 prints in my store :) I also updated with a Christmas card design and will be working on at least one more.

Check it out and tell your friends:


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