Atomic Cheesecake

Hey I'm not dead! Things got crazy at work for the month of May, so the arts took a bit of a backseat. But I recently got an awesome commission to draw the amazing Action Girl from Baltimore based Atomic Cheesecake Studios. I actually got some photographs taken with some friends a few years ago, and honestly it was one of the most fun experiences I have ever had. It was a great time. So needless to say I am a fan and jumped at the chance of drawing her. We went with a retro appropriate tiki theme :)
I love the way this came out. Drawing that tiki fella was maybe my favorite part! I also liked drawing her tattoos :)
Remember if you are interested in commissioning me, check out the listing on etsy for more information on getting your very own pin up cartoon of yourself.

In crappier news, some of my art was stolen and put up for sale on tshirts on a website called redbubble.com. needless to say I was pissed when I found out. Luckily the thief took the offending tshirts down but redbubble did absolutely nothing but give me a link to their copyright complaint email address. So any young, impressionable people out there--just cause you found it on the internet doens't mean its yours to use to make money. It's literally stealing. To me it was the equivalent of someone breaking into my home and stealing my things and selling them. There is NO difference when you are stealing somebody's art. I have no problem sharing my work online, having people pin it and put it on tumblr etc but please do not ever steal!
Unfortunately I am going to be only sharing work in low resolution and with larger watermarks for my personal work.


  1. Ughhhhh I hate people stealing art, that's the absolute worst! And it sucks that the company did nothing to help, wow.

    On the brighter side, I love that pinup, what a cute one! Very cool tiki guy. And this might be dumb of me but this is a new layout right? I love it, it looks great!

    1. thanks! Yeah its a new layout, thanks for noticing :p I wanted to incorporate some of my actual art into it. But I know I will probably change it again soon!