Happy New Year!

Ok last post of 2011! i know i made the New Year spiel in my last post, but I wanted to share a new drawing in my superhero pin up series and a fun little inspiration board I put together.

I wanted to work on DC comics batgirl/Barbara Gordon because I just love the fact that she is a librarian, and that she uses her knowledge as well as physical skill to fight crime! I really wanted to make her look like a sassy librarian from the 60s/70s and this one is my personal favorite in the whole series. I like the way her outfit and her hair came out the best!

I have always loved working on inspiration boards and trend boards (I still get to do that stuff at my day job, just with kids clothes and fashions--still fun!!) So i wanted to put together a little board of artwork and people and images that inspire my work, most specifically inspired the superhero pin up series.
Pin up art of the 30s-50s is probably my number one inspiration, I have always liked the popular artists like Gil Elvgren and Alberto Vargas, but I am really drawn to the work of Enoch Bolles most of all. I love the way he draws their faces and their poses are dynamic and lots of fun. I also have been looking at the work of Peter Driben, most specifically his covers for girlie mags like Titter, Wink, Eyeful etc. I have also kind of recently discovered the work of Bruce Timm. Not that I am a comic book expert! (I like comics, but mostly I love how ingrained in American history comic book characters are. What's more American than Superman?) The rest of my inspiration for the series is definitely kitschy "big eyed girl" art which was started by artist Margaret Keane. Another favorite of mine is definitely French "graffiti" artist Fafi. Her work is so creative, cute, fun and playful, I'd love to see some of her works in person. I also love old Disney cartoons and comic books (I have a little collection of Disney comics from the 50s-80s) I am not into dolls at all, but I think Blythe is so cute! I love her big eyes and serious expression and her fashions are so crazy! The other images up there that I love are paper dolls from the 70s. I think they are amazingly designed. I love their fashions most of all!
and who could talk about pin up art without mentioning pin up queen, Bettie Page?

So that's a little peek into whats swimming around inside my head. Among thousands of other things I love. I can talk about my influences and art I love all day long.

Hope everyone has an awesome New Year! Can't wait to see what 2012 will bring!


  1. Beautiful work! I'm totally with you, I used similar inspiration for a product design corporate mascot (with a dash 'Tiki-Modern'). Plumeria Girl: www.http://plumeriagirlgranola.com}

    Cheers! Happy New Year!

  2. Erin, that is super cute! i love the way she came out!
    Happy new year to you too!