VIntage Circus art

Greetings! I started this piece a few weeks ago but forgot to finish it. I blame all the Christmas festivities! anyway, I decided to revisit it and finish it because I knew it had potential and I am glad I did. I have wanted to do some vintage circus/freak show poster inspired art because I always love to combine art with typography. Anyway, I think she came out pretty cute! In case you want to take her home, she is available for sale in my etsy shop. There is still time to pick this and anything else in my store up for Christmas. I ship priority so get your domestic orders in by Dec 19 for Christmas delivery! Also my BLACKFRIDAY coupon for 25% off on anything in my store expires tomorrow!


  1. Oooh, that is a really nice one. I love her hair, and her tights. I was actually sketching some lady-sitting-on-the-moon portraits the other day.

  2. Thanks! i actually thought of you when i started drawing the striped stockings :) i'd like to see your lady on the moon sketches. its such a classic!